CAD Product Manager

The Role

The main focus is to ensure that the CAD product direction, as set by the Brand Managers, is carried out throughout the development organization.

• To be the product caretaker as it progresses through the development process.
• To be the quality representative for the product release.
• To produce and maintain detailed development Product Roadmaps for products and components.
• To ensure internal Roadmaps and the Brand Owners’ external Product Roadmaps are aligned.
• To groom the product backlog as prioritized by the Product Roadmaps.
• To coordinate the work of individual Teams’ Product Owners on the product backlog
• To track product performance data and provide measurable Key Performance Indicators.
• To align product performance data to company standard measurement criteria.
• To provide final product release in required formats (DVD, ISO, ZIP, etc).
• To provide technical content as required for the product release packaging for the product.
• To manage product content within Downloads section of the Vero Customer Portal.
• To provide product language translation services as required by international sales.
• To maintain a customer oriented focus in understanding the product portfolio.

Key objectives include:
Understand the Product Requirements
Coordinate with the Brand Manager to better understand the external drivers which are shaping our products future direction. Attend as required internal and external events to understand exactly how our current customers are utilizing our products.

Guide the product direction
Guide the product forward through the development process to ensure that the product direction, as defined by the Brand Manager, is being met.
Understand the market
Maintain awareness of the current state of the overall CAD/CAM market including competitive products and emerging technologies.
Assist with marketing
Work with the Brand Manager to provide documentation, graphics, video content, and other media to assist in the creation of web content, social media, release notes, images and other marketing collateral.
Working with development
Responsible for guiding what the development team delivers to the Brand Manager.
Package the products
Responsible for product packaging and delivery; ensuring that the products are complete and ready for release.
Identify opportunities and collaborate with other development groups as required to develop new product solutions.
Group development activities
Working with Technical Support, Quality Assurance and other external resources as required to properly gather Key Performance data from the field.

The Applicant

Strong CAD knowledge of a variety of CAD systems from a variety of use cases. CAM knowledge would be useful but is not a absolute requirement.

We would love to hear from you

To apply, please email a covering letter, giving details of your current package, together with your cv to