Compliance Manager - Reading

The Role

Develop and manage processes to secure optimum financial settlements in cases of non-compliant use of Vero’s software applications. Analyse data drawn from business systems which report instances of non-compliance, cross referencing to customer databases and external sources in order to locate infringers. Approach cases and coordinate the most appropriate method of settlement. This could include by letter, audit, raid and collaboration with Vero’s IP lawyers. Agree appropriate levels of compensation with the infringer which are due to Vero.

The Applicant


• Manage and coordinate cases of non-compliance in Vero’s European direct (UK, France, Germany) and indirect businesses (supported by resellers)
• Work closely with Vero’s appointed legal representatives relevant for each geographic jurisdiction
• Work closely with Vero’s group business systems team to ensure rapid data collection and analysis
• Maintain regular contact and a good relationship with Vero’s sales organization to fuel an ongoing pipeline of engagement with customers who may be at risk of non-¬compliance
• Understand and confidently present identified compliance issues to both internal and external stakeholders
• Design appropriate remedies in order to foster a positive ongoing relationship with customers whilst resolving compliance issues in the most suitable manner
• Identify and engage with the appropriate level of stakeholder within non-compliant organisations to encourage amicable and efficient resolutions
• Operate with respect and confidence to set suitable negotiation strategies drawing experience from a range of internal stakeholder
• Identify when an engagement may require escalation and then act accordingly to coordinate an appropriate course of action
• Ensure that relevant internal stakeholders are kept up to date with each engagement
• Ensure case data is maintained in Vero’s CRM system (SFDC)

The Requirements

• An understanding of software licensing terms, to include Software License Agreements, End User License Agreements and bespoke License Agreements
• An understanding of Intellectual Property Law in relation to software and software licensing

• Demonstrate experience in building and maintaining relationships with colleagues across a sales environment
• Demonstrate experience in pipeline management and accurate forecasting
• An ability to convey liability and negotiate comfortably in complex and demanding situations

Project Management
• An ability to manage and action a large number of simultaneous engagements
• Demonstrated commercial / business management experience
• Demonstrated experience in working towards revenue generation targets

• An undergraduate degree in law, or similar academic subject
• A general interest in technology and an ability to understand how software is deployed and managed within enterprise IT environments
• Intermediate to advanced skills in Microsoft Excel and Word

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