Edgecam, by Vero Software, at Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show (AMTS) 2017 Oct. 18-19, Dayton, Ohio

Paving the way to greater efficiency by accurately programming any machine tool, the Edgecam computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) solution, by Vero Software, will be shown Oct. 18-19 at Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show (AMTS) 2017.

Customer Success Videos

Kavia Tooling specialize in high precision engineering and use Edgecam and Inventor for the design and manufacture of mold tools. Kavia run 'lights-out' machining and benefit from Strategy Manager to automate the simple manufacturing processes.

OKW Is OK With Javelin

“We don’t do anything, anywhere in the business, without it being on Javelin” – Ian Cox, Operations Director of the UK’s leading electronics housing manufacturer, OKW Enclosures Ltd.